Tuesday, December 3, 2019

NEW GAME: Charge Stations!

Hello, gamers. I recently asked what some of you would like to see coming out from MicroRPG. A few asked for a sci-fi roll+write. So, here it is! Charge Stations!

"Commander’s Log - Solardate 11.12.30
Due to an unforeseen systems malfunction, while passing through an anomaly, our warp drive has lost all power. Additionally, it has managed to power down all of our weapons systems onboard the U.S.S. Frontiersman. Usually, such a malfunction would be little more than a minor setback. It may even prove a useful piece of scientific and engineering research as the crew works on solving the problem and figuring out why the anomaly effects out ship in the first place.

However, things seem a bit more dire for us at the moment. The anomaly was right on the outer reaches of Kornathian space and we’ve been set adrift near one of their war parties. They have no desire to stop and discuss the situation or work out terms of peaceful negotiation. Instead, they have opened fire upon us.

I, as the commanding officer of this ship, can not simply let this be. I have men and women aboard I need to protect. As such, we will continue to work on fixing the warp drive and powering up our weapons, all the while we will fight off these unwanted attacks. It seems our choices are either to get the warp drive back up and running, so we can light jump out of here, or defeat the capital ship that is leading the war party against us."

Charge Stations! is a science fiction roll+write game where a single player takes command of the U.S.S. Frontiersman. It is up to the player to repair the ship all while fighting off incoming attacks. This is done by rolling handfuls of six-sided dice (D6s) which represent the ship’s crew members and assigning them to various tasks around the ship. All you need to play is a pencil, some dice, and this book.

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