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Who am I?

My name is Noah Patterson. I am a full-time writer and game designer. Micro RPG is my personal gaming blog and website where I'll share my latest game designs and releases with you. All of my games are print+play, meaning you can download them from DriveThru RPG (and its sister sites) and print them off for your own use. Additionally, a few games I make are also released in a bound print format, meaning you can order a paperback copy from Amazon and have it sent directly to you. Additionally, if you are interested in reading my works of fiction, visit my official author name at my N.C. Patterson blog or my Amazon Author page.

Why Micro RPG?

A number of years ago, I decided to design a homebrew role-playing game that used a deck of playing cards instead of dice. I did this because I wanted a simple and straight forward western-themed game that didn't include the usual "weird west" elements. I was really into Italian Westerns and Western Television at the time and was looking for something along those lines. Because the rules were so short and simple, I decided to call them the Micro RPG system. 

My game group enjoyed the system so much I decided to format an official book and release it on DriveThru RPG and Amazon print-on-demand. 

That was the beginning. 

Since that time, I've designed a number of different game systems, board games, and roll+writes--all with simplicity in mind. Therefore, I decided that all my games fell under the original MicroRPG umbrella, even if they didn't all follow that same system from so long ago. 

That is why my Indie Company name is Micro RPG. 

My game designs include:

Goose Game, Dice, Board, Competition, Game, Board Game

  • Micro Role-Playing Games: All of my role-playing game books provide a range of simple rules for gamers new and old to jump right into. These systems are perfect for one-off games in between your regular sessions of Dungeons and Dragons or for larger campaigns on their own. In addition to the original Micro RPG system, there is also newer system designs including the Chapbook system and D6 Basics system. 
  • Solitare Role-Playing Games: Sometimes it can be difficult to get a role-playing group together. Sometimes, we just enjoy a game alone. My solitaire role-playing systems offer gamers the ability to design characters and run through dungeons and adventures on their own without a Game Master or Dungeon Master.  
  • Wargames: Easily one of my favorite types of game is wargames. Simulations of conflicts both historical and fictional are a great draw for me. My print+play wargames offer a small footprint and low counter density for gamers on the go or with limited table space.
  • Miniatures Wargames: What is wargaming without miniatures? In addition to my counter-based wargames, I also offer a few gamebooks of very simple and enjoyable miniatures skirmish rules. Use any minis you have on hand for these games!
  • Roll & Write Games: Roll & Write games have become wildly popular recently, and for good reason. All you need to play them is a printed sheet, a pencil/pen, and a handful of dice. Perfect for solo gaming or gaming on the go, my roll and write games cover many genres.
  • Board Games: Finally, the golden heart of gaming. I occasionally put out slightly larger footprint print+play board games.


Fantasy, Cave, Mystical, Rock, Stone, Caves Portal
As a writer and avid reader of fiction and non-fiction alike, I've long been in love with many genres. Therefore, I represent a wide array of genres in my game designs. 

  • Horror: Easily my favorite game genre, horror games are an exciting and spooky experience with many varied flavors. They can range anywhere from monster slaying to Lovecraftian investigation to zombies and, my personal favorite, survival horror. 
  • Fantasy: A staple of gaming, fantasy is one genre most any gamer can get behind. Everyone loves being a hero and I have always loved a grim medieval setting. My games range from high fantasy to low magic to grimdark. 
  • Mystery: As someone who grew up playing Clue, it would be a shame not to give the mystery genre its due. It is fun to scrounge for clues, interrogate suspects, and find the culprit! 
  • Science Fiction: As a solid counterpart to Fantasy, science fiction is once genre not to be missed. Space travel, cyberpunk, intergalactic warfare, and so much more is covered in this star-spanning genre! 
  • Historical: A lesser appreciated genre of gaming, historical games can be a great learning tool for those interested in the topic. From ancient warfare and trade to modern-day tanks and planes, this genre holds significant excitement for many gamers. 
  • And More: A few other genres you may see touched in my games include westerns, samurai, pirates, cooking, business management, trading, and many more. 
Find all my games at DriveThruRPG and Wargame Vault.
Find all my gamebooks at Amazon Print on Demand.

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