Thursday, October 31, 2019

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2019! With One Page Asylum!

Happy Halloween, again, gamers! It has been a wonderful spooky year for games this October, and I have one last final treat for your candy bag! All you need to say is Trick-or-Treat! 

One Page Asylum is my latest solo RPG using the One Page System and it is FREE TODAY ONLY for Halloween 2019! Those of you who have tried the system will be happy to see the addition of a few new elements for the horror survival theme including backtracking and a Terror Level track (Things you can expect to see in future One Page Cthulhu entries). Here is a little more about One Page Asylum. 

What once was rain has turned to icy sleet, running down your cheeks, the back of your neck. Your hair is wet and sticks to your skin, chilling you further against the late October night. Your feet feel frozen standing in the cold mud of the woods. You know you need to find shelter quickly or you’ll certainly die of exposure. Unfortunately, your old clunker of a car broke down miles from the nearest town. Your only hope is to find an isolated farmhouse, barn, or some other building to spend the night and wait out the unexpected storm.

Marching through the woods, you make your way forward, the isolated road vanishing behind you through the thick trees. It feels as if you walk for hours. Your fingers go numb. Your feet burn. Your stomach grumbles for something to eat. Then you see it. Stepping out of the trees into a clearing, you are dwarfed by an enormous building. It looks like it was once a hospital of sorts . . . but now it is abandoned.

Gritting your teeth, you head for the door. 

Welcome to One Page Asylum, a stand-alone “one-shot” entry in the One Page series of solitaire role-playing games. Perfect for a plane ride, hotel room, or anywhere else. Based on the same system as One Page Dungeon and One Page Cthulhu, this game uses a randomly generated grid map, creating a creepy labyrinth for your lost and intrepid hero to survive.

Monday, October 28, 2019


Happy Halloween gamers and Micro RPG fans! Halloween is this week and it is my favorite time of year! What better way to celebrate than by returning to one of my favorite horror subgenres--Asian Horror. Every year, my sibling and I binge watch as much A-horror as possible. This year we live too far apart to celebrate together, so this is dedicated to them! 

Read more about the game below:

As a lifelong member of the Tokyo police force, you have seen and investigated many horrific things. However, nothing left you as disturbed or shaken as the house. . . The house was one of your very first investigations after being promoted to Detective. An elderly woman who lived there disappeared for months, inciting a missing person investigation, only to have her turn up a year later in the empty home . . . her head removed. You never did figure out where the woman vanished to in all those months, and you never figured out who killed her. All you know is that after you stepped foot in the house, your life took a turn for the worse. Your wife died, your home burned down, and things never seemed to get better. Now, near retirement and severely alcoholic, you are determined to go back to the house and figure out just what is going on in there once and for all. Somehow, however, you know that whatever is living there . . . it is evil.

There is Something in the House is a simple Roll+Write inspired by Japanese horror media. It is a miniature print and play-style board game with storytelling elements where you take on the role of a retiring police detective. All you need is the 2 game sheets, a pencil, and some dice. 

Turn down the lights, turn on some spooky music, and play by candlelight this coming Halloween night!

As always, the game is FREE for a limited time through the DriveThru RPG pay what you want system! Get it before Halloween! 

Monday, October 14, 2019

One Page Cthulhu: Volume 3: Night in Arkham Woods (FREE)

1922 Arkham, Massachusetts, A Letter from Herbert West, Professor at Miskatonic University

Dear Friend,

Since last we met, I’ve discovered something even worse than we ever imagined. The cult we pushed out of the Miskatonic University campus, the ones we thought we wiped out from the tunnels of the Black Cave, have found a new home in Arkham Woods. This time, they mean to complete their ritual and awaken the Ancient Ones they worship. “The Blind Ones,” as they called themselves, have recruited countless youth from around the town of Arkham with false promises of freedom and power. Instead, they are performing terrible rituals on them to turn them into twisted and lowly creatures of the night, creatures who are part animal with horns and fur, creatures who thirst to feast on human blood. The cult calls them the Children of the Goat. They are the unholy spawn of the Ancient God known as The Lord of the Wood. 

I’m calling upon you this one final time to help me put a stop to this madness once and for all.  

Herbert West   

Welcome to One Page Cthulhu. A simple and easy 1920s horror role-playing-game you can play with a single sheet of paper. Perfect for a plane ride, hotel room, or anywhere else. You can even compete with your friends to see who can get the most clues and solve the mystery of Arkham Woods.

Based on the same system as One Page Dungeon, One Page Cthulhu takes your solo roleplaying to the streets and locations of Arkham. This version of the system introduces sanity rules, investigation, and Lore Points. Additionally, it offers a new and frightening way to level up your character.

This is the third and final entry in the Herbert West trilogy for the game.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Sleepy Hollow: Hunt for the Headless Horseman (New Release!)

Happy Halloween, Gamers!

Today I am thrilled to announce the release of my latest print-and-play game design. Sleepy Hollow: Hunt for the Headless Horseman--a solitaire game of horror investigation. 

In the game, the player takes on the role of the school teacher Ichabod Crane who has unwittingly unleashed the Headless Horseman on his small town of Sleepy Hollow. Check out the story below:

Mild-mannered school teacher Ichabod Crane loves ghost stories and occult tales. So much so that he reads them to his classroom each morning during the witching autumn months. Upon receiving a mysterious package one day, Ichabod finds a book inside. Its pages contain frightening yarns about Horseman Hollow just outside of town, and he can’t resist the urge to read it out loud to his students. Unfortunately for Ichabod, this is no mere book and the words--read aloud--awaken the devilish specter known as The Headless Horseman from his slumber. Now, every night of October, the Horseman rides from the hollow and into town, terrorizing the residents. Unhappy with this stupid mistake, but also unwilling to face the problem themselves, the town council assigns Ichabod the duty of tracking down the Horseman’s secret lair and putting a stop to the horrors once and for all. However, Ichabod isn’t as foolish as he appears. He knows that one of the council members is the person who unearthed the book and sent it to Ichabod. Someone is working with the Horseman to bring doom on Sleepy Hollow.

Sleepy Hollow: The Hunt for the Headless Horseman is a game of mystery and horror set in 1700s New England. It uses a “point-to-point” map system as its primary form of gameplay. You also have a list of 6 statistics that measure your abilities and equipment as Ichabod Crane. The map and player sheet include useful tables for tracking damage, weather, terror levels, and more. The game can be played as a board game or as a roll+write. Before playing the first time, print off the Map, Player Sheet, and Tokens (unless playing roll+write style) and mount them on cardboard or cardstock. 

Monday, October 7, 2019

One Page Dungeon: Volume 2: The Widow's Nest (FREE)

Your small village has been plagued with nighttime attacks lately. It seems a horde of spiders has set up residence in a nearby dungeon along with a few other of their disgusting bug friends. It's up to you, hero, to find the Blood Widow of the Brood and kill her.  

Hello, gamers! Today I am excited to announce the release of my the third entry in my One Page Dungeon series! Much like the pulp magazines and comic books of years past, One Page Dungeon will continue releasing volumes each month, each adding new character options, weapons, items, and a dungeon to explore! Volumes are interchangeable.
One Page Dungeon is a simple and easy role-playing-game for one player. As the title suggests, you can play with a single sheet of paper. This game is perfect for a plane ride, hotel room, or anywhere else. You can even compete with your friends to see who can get the most gold.

The game works simply. You move along a grid, creating new random rooms and corridors with random monsters and treasure until you encounter the boss. It is great for fans of rouge-lite games. 
Create a character from 3 different classes. Choose weapons, armor, and spells to suit your play style. 

All you need are these rules, a single sheet of paper, a pencil/eraser, and a handful of six-sided dice.

This third volume sees your character diving into a nest of spiders, bugs, and other nasty creepy crawlies. Can you find and kill the Blood Widow? Pick up your bow, take up the ax, and jump into One Page Dungeon.

As with all my games, this one is FREE (or Pay What You Want) for the first week from DriveThru RPG! Any donations are greatly appreciated! 

Also, look for other volumes in the series which will offer new classes, spells, items, and more!